Beijing eyesight Information Technology Co., Ltd. isIris Recognition Access ControlIris Recognition attendanceInformation Systems products visitIris recognition access control whole series of products Provider。
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About us

     Beijing eyesight Information Technology Co., Ltd.Is China Iris Recognition Access Control Iris Recognition attendance Information Systems products visit Iris recognition access control whole series of products One of the largest providers 。

Company Profile :
    Beijing eyesight Information Technology Co., Ltd. relying on years of experience attendance doors, , have the largest domestic share of iris recognition products, the products have been successfully applied to the government, the army, banking, Nuclear Research Institute, coal mines, ports, factories and other fields.
    The company is willing to provide all users of the product excellence, improve services; Meanwhile, sincerely welcome the capital and market areas of cooperation have friends from all walks of life interested in actively participating in development of the company, establish cooperation in various forms partnership, hand in hand, create brilliant!
    The Company's advanced technologies and products so that the iris recognition application market entered a new development period, will also identify the human biological characteristics of popularizing open up new vistas.
    If our products and services have any queries, please contact us, we committed to you!

Our vision :
     So that our products become mainstream authentication products;
     Create new industries, determined to mold the company into an internationally renowned high-tech companies in the industry are in a leading position.

Our basic philosophy is :
     Develop cutting-edge technologies, and to guarantee social security.
     Create economic value and social value.
     To provide users with advanced technology, outstanding products, better service.

Our corporate values :
     People-oriented, innovative, rigorous honesty, pragmatic and efficient.

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Company Address :Beijing Haidian District on the road to information on the 1st International Technology Park Building 1 Room 2303
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